Pairing cheese and wine

The reputation of wine and cheese pairings is well established. For a tasting rich in flavors, it is preferable to start with light white wines then continuing gradually with more full-bodied wines. In general, it is better to avoid overly tannin wines, which overshadow the aromas of the cheese.

White wine: The best choice to enjoy your cheese

White wine is always a very good choice with a cheese. The soft whites go perfectly with fresh cheeses, while the aromatic and full-bodied whites go well with firm cheeses. The acidity of white wines goes well with cheeses and brings a certain freshness on the palate, making sweet white wines an excellent option to end a tasting.

Red wine: interesting to pair with cheese but not easy

Red wines, because of their strong presence of tannins, are more difficult to match with cheese. For successful pairings, it is better to favor light, fruity and dry red wines with aged and hard cheeses.

Wine and cheese in Vietnam

Which wine for the Béjo Cheese ?

Béjo cheeses can be tasting cold or warm after a short oven pass. Thus, the flavors will be different and different wines can accompany your meal.

A slice of cold Béjo Tomme can be enjoyed very well with white wine. La Tomme from Maison Béjo offers aromas of cream, hazelnut and a touch of bitterness characteristic of the cheese made in Vietnam. Prefer a dry white wine, not too sweet for a more subtle association which will not hide the aromas.

You can also choose to buy a good bottle of wine at Red Apron shop. They will surely recommend you the best wine to enjoy all the flavor of our cheese.

For hot tasting, the bitter of our cheeses will be markedly reduced. A red wine will then perfectly accompany your meal in order to enhance the taste of Béjo cheeses. Indeed, the tannins in the red wine will give a subtle bitterness that will awaken your taste buds when faced with the creamy notes of  Béjo Tomme melted on a piece of bread.

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