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It might tough to find some quality local products in Vietnam. For sure, you can find some very signature shops selling their signature products, well known from local people. Though, to find daily quality products can be a bit tricky. It is often hard to make sure what you are buying is truly clean, natural and qualitative. But mindsets are changing. Thus, new solutions are developing throughout the country. A good example of that wish of a cleaner food is Naturally Vietnam.

What is Naturally Vietnam?

Naturally Vietnam Maison Béjo

A good way to remedy that trust issue is Naturally Vietnam. A fine shop selling quality local products in Hanoi for more than 10 years. There, you can find vegetables, meat or eggs, everything you need for your daily meals with an assured quality and traceability. A trustworthy shop to consume local, supporting the local economy, while making sure you are eating a wide range of products that are safe and healthy.

More than that, Naturally Vietnam also offers western oriented products such as bread, jams or cheeses (and obviously some of Maison Béjo’s signatures). And again, with one orientation: local! Because in Vietnam, it is also possible to find fine products produced locally in order to avoid the high price and high pollution cost of imported goods.

Support a better food production and distribution

Naturally Vietnam Shop Hanoi

The coronavirus crisis was a good example of how important it is to rely on local productions. Sometimes importation is just not an option anymore. That’s why we decided to collaborate with Naturally Vietnam in order to propose strong qualitative alternatives to imported products. Naturally Vietnam and Maison Béjo are following the same philosophy: support the local economy and develop a cleaner food production and distribution channel.

More and more independent farmers and food producers are concerned about those issues. It is a real opportunity for every actors of this sector to work together in order to create a complete clean food production chain from the farmer’s fork to your fork.

The Weekend Market from Naturally Vietnam

Weekend Market with Maison BéjoNaturally Vietnam also proposes a great initiative with the Weekend Market, where local producers gather in a lovely atmosphere. By meeting, experimenting and tasting, the Weekend Market aims to create a stronger bond between local producers and consumers.

But the Weekend Market is also a wonderful moment for people to gather and share under a gentle Hanoian sun. The best way to bring some humanity and warmth to your weekly groceries and propose to add human interactions to a task who became too mechanical.

The Weekend Market is held almost every Saturday, to know more about it, have a look to their Facebook page.


This philosophy of producing and consuming in a different way is the reason why we chose to work with Naturally Vietnam. Our Vietnamese cheeses and way more products are now available at Naturally Vietnam on To Ngoc Van or online.

And if you would like to learn more about Naturally Vietnam:



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