Maison béjo Tomme french cheese maker in Vietnam

La Tomme is the first cheese launched by Maison Béjo. This new cheese made in Vietnam was created in 2019 by our master cheese makers. It offers a nutty flavor and a firm texture. Its taste is not very strong which makes it accessible to raw milk cheese lovers as well as Vietnamese people who are not used to eat cheese.

Origin of the Tomme in France

The word “Tomme” originates from the Savoie department in France and designates an uncooked pressed cheese with a cylindrical shape. The most famous Tomme is undoubtedly the “Tomme de Savoie”. Its paste is hard but with sharper colors: white to yellow without mottling. In addition, its rind is generally dark gray to light gray. The younger it is, the sweeter its taste and the more aged it is, the more powerful is the taste.

Tomme française

How is La Tomme Béjo made ?

Béjo’s Tomme is made in Vietnam in Hung Yen province with cow’s milk. This fresh milk is processed directly after milking without pasteurization to offer a raw milk cheese with typical aromas from Vietnam.

Our master cheese makers add rennet to the heated milk (temperature of around 32 ° C). A soft curd forms. This curd is minutely cut so that the whey comes out of the cheese.

Then the curd is placed in a mold and pressed. Since the manufacture of this cheese is made at low temperature, Béjo’s Tomme is an uncooked pressed cheese.

After salting, the cheeses are placed in a ripening cellar for at least 2 months aging at a temperature between 8 to 12 ° C. This is where the cheeses take all their aromas. During ripening, Béjo’s Tommes are turned and rubbed with salt water to develop the rind of the cheese.

Maison béjo french cheese maker in Vietnam

Characteristics of La Tomme from Maison Béjo

La Tomme weighs around 800g. Its diameter is 15 cm.

Depending on the production, the crust of La Tomme can be golden yellow to dark orange. A very fine white velvet on the surface of the cheese is a guarantee of quality.

The texture of Béjo’s Tomme is firm and softer at the center.

Its taste offers aromas of hazelnut and forest with a slight bitterness.

This cheese can be eaten cold as soon as it comes out of the refrigerator or hot on a slice of bread.

Béjo’s Tomme keeps very well in the refrigerator for at least a month. We advise you to wrap it well in its cellophane to prevent the cheese from drying out.

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Maison béjo Tomme french cheese maker in Vietnam
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